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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Survey Responses from 10/10/07

One concern we have received is in regards to a lack of friendliness and/or responsiveness from workers in the Computing Sites. If you share this same concern here's what we can do; (a) We can forward the complaint to the appropriate UTO staff member, or (b) we can provide you with the direct e-mail and you can provide them with the specifics. For example: What time did the incident occur? In what lab? And if possible get the name of the person you interacted with.

We also received a question regarding the use of the newly present Technology Fee to aid in the expansion ASU's wireless network as well as training for students on specific software. The expansion and quality of the wireless is being worked on, STAC continues to speak bi-weekly with UTO, specifically Adrian Sannier. One new feature to all campuses here at ASU is the newly implemented wireless connectivity for all buses that travel between campuses as well as around the campuses directly. Version Wireless and Quest have generously provided this at no expense to the Students or the University.

Further, there are software workshops are provided for students and faculty. Provided is a link for more information: Software Workshops Here you will find all the workshops for a variety of software offered during the semester. If there is a certain application you would like to see added to the list please feel free to let us know and we will work towards getting it implemented. In the future we will link this page to our website under Quick Links, along with other websites that might prove useful for students . Stay tuned for updates!

Friday, September 28, 2007

IMAP support through Google.

Can you possibly see if there is a way to get Google to add IMAP support to the students' email addresses?

Little bit of background information to get us started, taken from Wikipedia.

The Internet Message Access Protocol (commonly known as IMAP or IMAP4, and previously called Internet Mail Access Protocol, Interactive Mail Access Protocol (RFC 1064), and Interim Mail Access Protocol[1]) is an application layer Internet protocol operating on port 143 that allows a local client to access e-mail on a remote server.

IMAP is often used in large networks; for example, a college campus mail system. IMAP allows users to access new messages instantly on their computers, since the mail is stored on the network. With POP3, users either download the e-mail to their computer or access it via the web. Both methods take longer than IMAP, and the user must either download any new mail or "refresh" the page to see the new messages.

Further information can be found at: Wikipedia IMAP. More to follow...

EDIT: Updated 10/3/2007

To figure out whether it is possible for Google to enable this feature for student e-mail accounts the following response was found via Gmail help: Gmail doesn't currently support IMAP access. As part of our ongoing commitment to give our users easy access to their email, we have introduced POP access. We look forward to announcing other new features as they become available. Direct link: Gmail Help

If anyone has a greater understanding of IMAP and would be willing to aid us in describing how such a feature would be advantageous for students here at Arizona State perhaps we can pressure Google into developing this feature for Gmail. Currently Gmail does support POP3 as an alternative to IMAP.

-= EDIT: Updated 10/24/2007 =-

Rumors have it that Gmail is starting to offer IMAP with their accounts in waves. Now, I am not certain that it will pertain to us here at ASU, but if they start offering it with their normal GMail accounts, then if we don't have it we can demand it for you. Link to article: LINK

We have also found a video about how you can get the Google IMAP feature to work on the iPhone: LINK